An Ode to Ben & Jerry’s

Maybe this is just because I've been trying to cut out carbs and sugar (failing miserably, btw) before my trip to Hawaii in a month, or maybe because I have never loved any man as much as I love these two hippies from Vermont, but I just feel like today I need to show some... Continue Reading →

Just Girly Things

We see this all the time, all over the internet- blogs and videos on countless makeup looks and skin care routines. Some are from genuine social media influencers or celebrity makeup artists. Some are just from that girl from your hometown, who decided to start a makeup Youtube channel 6 years late in the game... Continue Reading →

Band Tees: A Diatribe

Can we take a second to talk about band tees? Now any Quirky Girl™ knows that band tees are an integral piece of an identity. Band tees are the shit! They display individuality* and show off to others what kinds of weird and cool music you're into - all wrapped up into an awesome visual design.... Continue Reading →

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