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We see this all the time, all over the internet- blogs and videos on countless makeup looks and skin care routines. Some are from genuine social media influencers or celebrity makeup artists. Some are just from that girl from your hometown, who decided to start a makeup Youtube channel 6 years late in the game and practically begs her twitter followers to watch her channel (in between trying to push her MLM products on unsuspecting friends). Either way, there is no denying that in the age of the internet, makeup is a social media and pop culture experience. As a Quirky Girl™, my go-to response to friends and co workers talking about the latest cosmetic craze on their favorite beauty bloggers’ site is almost always something along the lines of, “oh, I’m SO BAD at all that makeup and skin care stuff. I barely ever wash my face and I don’t even know what eyeliner is!”.

… I need to get something off of my chest, right here and right now. As a Quirky Girl™, I genuinely wish I had the patience and/or talent to master this magical art form. Don’t ever let any “cool girl” convince you that she is just TOO COOL to learn how to apply highlighter or the perfect wing tips. Speaking on behalf of all of us, I will tell you right now that we are all a bunch of jealous bitches.

Being cool or quirky is a crutch. It’s used to make us feel better about ourselves for not fitting in. And not fitting in is mostly a good thing! Especially now, when we live in a society that is rapidly changing in the way we treat each other. We are learning to love and appreciate our differences instead of worrying about how we are alike, sometimes to an extreme level. I was bullied throughout middle school for carrying around comic books, and now Marvel is mainstream and I have to prove that I actually like it and I’m not just one of those people who watched parts of Captain America and tells their followers on social media how “nerdy” they are every time a new Avengers trailer comes out. Now you have to actively prove to others that you are unique in order to not be labeled as “basic”.

But the insecurity some of us have from years of not fitting in with the popular girls can come out in ugly ways as adults. (I’m sure Zooey Deschanel has her off moments too!) I just want to apologize right now for being that “cool girl” and acting like makeup or skin care is a shallow hobby for self obsessed women with no personalities. Makeup is fucking art! Skin care is important! But what’s most important is I’m not too good to be good at girly things, and neither is anyone else.

So contour away, my beautiful flowers! Follow your favorite beauty bloggers and do what you do with confidence. And while you’re at it, if anyone wants to throw some tips my way, that would be much appreciated. 🙂


XOXO Quirky Girl™

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