An Ode to Ben & Jerry’s

Maybe this is just because I’ve been trying to cut out carbs and sugar (failing miserably, btw) before my trip to Hawaii in a month, or maybe because I have never loved any man as much as I love these two hippies from Vermont, but I just feel like today I need to show some love and appreciation to the greatest gift of the frozen treats world, Ben & Jerry’s. So raise your pints to the best of them:



An Ode To Ben & Jerry’s

Ben and Jerry are more than just their unique flavors and superb standards for quality ice cream. They are the creative minds that dared to dream and made ice cream an art form. They bring peace, love & chocolate to the next level and give hope to all of us who dream big with compassionate hearts.


Quality AND Quantity, Because Why Should You Have To Choose?

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is the creamiest because they keep the air content as low as possible. Other ice cream companies have higher levels of air in their ice cream, which allows them to skimp on ingredients. In addition to not sacrificing quality of texture on corner cutting tactics, they don’t sacrifice the quality of the product by making the ice cream with fresh and natural ingredients. I learned this from my Ben and Jerry’s ice cream recipe book, which is the best for ice cream recipes and a mini biography about the founders. The start of the company is humble and refreshing, just like the rest of Ben & Jerry’s history.


A Small Start For A Big Company

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield were childhood friends who completed a correspondence course on ice cream making from Pennsylvania State University’s creamery after more traditional forms of schooling did not pan out the way they planned. Ben has anosmia, a condition that results in a lack of a sense of smell or taste, which is where the trademark chunks in Ben and Jerry’s flavors comes from. At the start of the company, they opened an ice cream parlor in a renovated gas station in downtown Burlington, Vermont. They marked their anniversary by holding the first-ever free cone day, now an international annual celebration at every Ben & Jerry’s store. They have since expanded into an ice cream empire that they eventually sold, though they remain very active in the public eye as spokesmen for the company. They are known for taking stances on what is important to them, whether it be on environmental issues, human rights issues and fair and ethical  business practices.


When Ice Cream Loving Hippies Turn Out To Be Bad Asses

A prime example of the fire the founders have in their bellies has to be the infamous “What’s the Doughboy Afraid Of?” campaign they started in 1984. Häagen-Dazs wanted to limit distribution of Ben & Jerry’s in Boston at the time, which prompted Ben & Jerry’s to file a lawsuit against the parent company, Pillsbury. They turned public opinion against Pillsbury with a campaign that showed the business trying to limit their sales through shady tactics and convinced everyone that they should be given a fair fight to compete. They won the first time and then again in 1987, when Häagen-Dazs tried to enforce exclusive distribution a second time. Because hippies from Vermont don’t take that shit.



Ice Cream And Politics

They’re badasses when it comes to social and environmental issues, as well. On Earth Day in 2005, when a vote in the U.S. Senate proposed the opening of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling, Ben & Jerry’s launched a protest by creating the largest ever Baked Alaska (which weighed 900 pounds) and placed it in front of the U.S. Capitol Building. The opposite of destruction is love and dessert (and obviously the senate needed A LOT of it).

Ben and Jerry have also both been arrested at the Democracy Awakening protests on the U.S. Capitol steps in Washington, D.C.and took a stance on gay marriage in Australia when they announced they would not serve two scoops of the same ice cream flavor until the government allowed all people the right to marry whoever they love.

melted earth


In Conclusion

I just fucking love Ben & Jerry’s. I really do. They are sustainable, ethical and care about so much more than ice cream. I would always be willing to debate with any person on why Ben and Jerry’s is a better ice cream company with a better ice cream product than all of their leading competitors. I just want to give a huge thank you to two amazing men who have been there for me through every bad day at work and every breakup. Keep doing you.


Forever your most loyal fan,

Quirky Girl


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